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Children's books by Brenda Z. Guiberson
Children's books by Brenda Z. Guiberson
Presentations for Schools, Conferences, Libraries and Workshops

School Program
Brenda offers a great program that includes several elements.

The Wow! factor: Slides of dolphins, flamingos, cactus, alligators, elk, penguins, etc. reinforce the concept of looking for the Wow! factor. Ideas are everywhere.

The What? factor: Slides of the author investigating high, low, wet, dry and very salty environments highlight research and learning as great adventures.

The Write! Rewrite! and Illustration factor: The author discusses her process of writing (20+ books), illustration(6 books), revision(the first draft is never the last draft) and research (scads!). Presentations average 35 minutes, plus a Q&A period. Each session is adapted to the age and experience of the audience.

The School Visit
A typical one-day visit includes four presentations. The author will autograph books sold in conjunction with the visit. Normally the school creates a flyer listing available books and prices to send home with the students. The flyer also includes space to specify how to sign the book. Book sales can be coordinated through a publisher, a wholesaler, or an independent bookstore.

Students ask the best questions and get the most benefit if they are exposed to the author's books prior to the visit. Teachers are encouraged to read several books and do research, writing, and other activities in the classroom. Ideas for different books can be found by clicking on Activities.

A sheet with original art and signature of the author/illustrator will be provided. This sheet can be duplicated to create autographed bookmarks for each student in the school.

Brenda recently visited a Redmond, WA elementary school and was featured in the Redmond Reporter newspaper. The online article can be found here - Redmond Reporter - Audubon Students.

Adult Programs
Presentations to adult audiences are also available. Topics include fiction and nonfiction writing for children, research, illustration, the 32-page picture book and other writing subjects.

If you have questions or would like to schedule a visit, please Contact Brenda.